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macbreak studio on the road

So you want to make a copy of a Final Cut Pro X event onto another drive so you can continue to edit whilst away from your main machine. This handy tip will show you how to make sure you've got all your files.

Another great episode of MacBreak Studio with Steve Martin and Mark Spencer. Here they show us a very handy trick to make sure that all the correct files are transferred across to a new disk when you copy an event.

Media managing is never sexy and is often overlooked by many, but this is one piece of advice that is well worth knowing if you ever want to move events.

If you liked the tutorial, Ripple Training have a great $29.99 2 hour long Final Cut Pro X 10.0.6 In Depth training which gives information on the new features in the recent 10.0.6 update.

If you want to start from scratch and prefer learning from hard copy, their two books on FCPX and Motion are still in print and available from Amazon.



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