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Macbreak FCPX destinations

So you've finished your edit masterpiece, how do you output from FCPX now that the 10.0.6 update has removed the share menu? Steve Martin and Mark Spencer find out.

In the last few weeks we have have watched how Steve Martin and Mark Spencer have taken us on a run through of the new features in the 10.0.6 update. We are now of course on 10.0.7, but we assume that this new series of Macbreak Studio was recorded before the latest bug fix version was released.

In this new episode, the duo take a look at how to export your project and how to build a bundle that contains different delivery specifications for devices such as iPhones & iPads and websites such as YouTube & Vimeo.

As Tuesday next week is Christmas Day, we think the guys have earned a day off, so maybe no new episodes until after the festive season.

Ripple Training have a great $29.99 2 hour long Final Cut Pro X 10.0.6 In Depth tutorial which will expand on this and the other new features which were added in the 10.0.6 update.

If you want to start from scratch and prefer learning from hard copy, their two books on FCPX and Motion are still in print and available from Amazon.


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