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Digital heaven subtitle FCPX

It will be a relief to a lot of editors as there is now a tool designed especially for subtitling in FCPX. Digital Heaven have released an X version of their popular subtitling plugin. There is a time limited 30% discount on offer too.

Subtitles, we hate them, but for many jobs for broadcast & corporate shows that have international content and distribution, they are a necessary evil.

So we are very pleased to see that Martin Baker from Digital Heaven has released the $29.99 SubtitleX plugin for Final Cut Pro X and Motion5. 

There is also a 30% off offer for 30 hours using the code SUB30

"DH SubtitleX-parametersDH_SubtitleXmakes it easy to create boxed style 'burned-in' subtitles directly in Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5. Traditionally, this style of subtitles has been very time consuming to create, with the need to make a correctly sized shape on a different layer for each line of text. DH_SubtitleX automatically creates the background box according to the text entered and also offers consistent vertical positioning, no matter how many lines of text a subtitle may contain."

• Choice of 255 standard Mac fonts.
• Horizontal and Vertical alignment.
• Text tracking and leading.
• Text automatically wraps to adjustable width.
• Optional shadow or outline on text.
• Box width fits each line or fits longest line.
• Adjustable box width and height.