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Editmote 2 released FCPX

***Winners Announced***

Controlling Final Cut Pro X from a iPhone or iPad isn't new. What is new however is Editmote 2 which gains added Final Cut Pro X support, gestures and more. We also have 3 copies to give away.

We were slightly puzzled about a recent Kickstarter project for an app that would control Final Cut Pro or other NLEs with an iPad. Somebody should have told the guy that a similar product is already on the market, Editmote 2!

Editmote 2 is an update from Digital Rebellion that includes a stack of new features. Remember that Editmote supports other NLEs & Apps such as Avid Symphony, Black Magic Media Express, Davinci Resolve/Lite, Motion, REDCINE-X, Adobe Audition, Encore, Prelude and SpeedGrade.

What is new in Editmote 2

  • Gestures
  • Landscape support - create different button layouts for portrait and landscape modes
  • User-defined buttons increased to 20
  • Extra buttons on iPhone 5 in portrait mode
  • More buttons for iPad version
  • Customizable button labels for user-defined buttons
  • iCloud sync
  • Many additional buttons
  • Gestures and button layouts are customisable

Congratulations to the three winners, the competition is now closed.


We have very kindly been given 3 copies of the app to giveaway. To have a chance of winning one of the 3 apps each worth $4.99, all you have to do is tweet the title of this story and include @FCPdotCo in the tweet. The easiest way to do this is from the tweet button on the top left of the article. The winners will be picked at random from the tweets from now until Monday morning, so get tweeting!


We asked Jon Chappell from Digital Rebellion to tell us more about using Editmote 2 with FCPX.

The following gestures are available:

Single tap (1-5 fingers)
Swipe up/down/left/right (1-5 fingers)
Pinch in / out
Rotate clockwise / anticlockwise

By default the gestures are setup for playback:

Single tap (1 finger) - Play / Pause
Swipe Up (1 finger) - Fast Forward
Swipe Down (1 finger) - Rewind
Swipe Left (1 finger) - Step Left 1 Frame
Swipe Right (1 finger) - Step Right 1 Frame

(plus several more...)

However you can modify the gestures to be whatever you want, so you could for example change Swipe Down to be Add Cut Point or add additional gestures involving more fingers.

Some of the available button functions are mark in/out, zoom in out, add marker, next/prev marker, trim forward/back, undo, volume up/down/mute.
If you need to perform a task that is not available in the button list, there are 20 blank user-defined buttons for this purpose. You can even assign them a name in the button editor.
Editmote FCPX Layout
Don't forget that there are a host of other apps on the Digital Rebellion site including a few that might just get you out of a technical nightmare with your NLEs.

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