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Thomas Szabo at Mindtransplant has emailed us to say that ClipExporter has been taken off the Mac App Store and is now free to download. It's not the end of this handy app for getting clips out of FCPX, it's the beginning of more development.

ClipExporter is a very clever application that allows the exporting of a Final Cut Pro X timeline to a third party app such as After Effects or the batch exporting of selected clips as QuickTime movies or Nuke files.

If you haven't seen ClipExporter in action, then let's take a look at this demo video and we will talk about the future afterwards.



Thomas emailed us to say that although ClipExporter has been a success, it has been hard to work with the store:

"Although the MAS is a great and easy way for selling quality software, the time that it takes to get an app reviewed is a major disadvantage. Don´t get me wrong, the Apple Review Team does a great job to ensure that the functionality and security of an app meets the Apple guidelines before it comes online. But waiting 10-20 days for a simple, but important bugfix is not the way I want to go. I need a faster way to respond to feature requests and bug reports. Another drawback: it is not possible to communicate with customers. Comments on apps are one-sided."

He is keen to point out that this is not the end of ClipExporter!

"I´ll keep on developing ClipExporter. The only difference is that it is free for all and that developers can join with me and extend ClipExporter. I´m more interested in having a great tool available for everyone than profit."

Which all sounds like great news for us FCPX users out there and we wish Thomas the best of luck in taking the app forward. We would urge you to communicate with Thomas either in our comments section or on his blog. We have donated €10 as well as we are always keen to help small developers grow in the FCP ecosystem.

If you would like to download and use ClipExporter for free then please head on over to the downloads section on the Midtransplant website. A donation would be appreciated too, the app used to be $27 in the store!

Thomas has posted more information on why ClipExporter has gone free and open source.

  • I´m not interested in earning a living from programming. I´m an artist with programming skills and I just wanted a tool that is affordable and reliable – a tool that helps me getting things done. ClipExporter was mainly developed for my own needs as a VFX-music-video maker. Meanwhile the costs of the development have been covered by the people who bought ClipExporter up to now. Thank you so much for your support.
  • Although I´ll continue to develop and maintain ClipExporter, I hope that more developers join me in programming CE to make it a much greater workflow app for everyone. For example: I would be delighted if an Objective-C developer picks up the code and develops a Motion exporter which exports a complete timeline (just like the AE exporter does). I´m not using Motion, so I never developed something like that. But I know that people are in need for such an app.
  • The open source code gives other artists and studios the opportunity to customize ClipExporter so it fits perfectly into their specific workflow.
  • This is a contribution to the positive minded open source community. Applications like Blender and it´s surrounding community really impressed me.
  • This is my way of supporting Final Cut Pro X and it´s community. I hope ClipExporter attracts more VFX and Indie artists as well developers to FCP X. Thanks Apple for having the guts to rewrite FCP and bringing it to the 21st century!

We will be very interested to see the next stage of ClipExporter's future, so stay tuned!


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