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One of the oldest plugin writers for FCP, Boris FX, has updated Continuum Complete for Final Cut Pro X. You can download and use the free beta for 30 days, but there is a sting in the tail. (Or wallet!)

Forum poster David Abraham first spotted that Boris FX had posted the free beta of Continuum Complete for FCPX on their website. It's a plugin package chocked full of 210 effects and transitions that would be very hard to recreate in any NLE.  The beta is welcome news as users have been asking when these plugins would become available for use in FCPX. We will post the demo videos below to give you an idea of the range of effects in the pack.

From the Boris FX website:

'Boris Continuum Complete v8 FxPlug is now available for Final Cut Pro v7 and this new release is nearly ready for FCP X and Motion 5, too. Prior to the official release, we are providing BCC v8 FxPlug for FCP X and Motion 5 as a free 30-day public beta."

This is all good news as the package contains some really useful plugins such as a flicker filter which will help smooth out those timelapses. Not many plugin packs have motion tracking and masking options. Now here comes the shock, make sure you are sitting down. The price of the pack is a whopping $995, or to put it another way, three times the cost of FCPX! Times have changed in the plugin market in the last year an a half and we think that this pack is going to be a hard sell for Boris into the X market. Maybe they might split the pack up into smaller, cheaper units at a later date.

We haven't downloaded the pack and taken it for test drive so we don't know if all of the native filters are available wrapped up in a Motion effect already. We found this paragraph slighly confusing.

'New Final Cut Pro X Templates allow editors to quickly achieve powerful VFX with great-looking, easy-to-use Glows, Lights, Particles, and Tilt-Shift effects. In addition to taking advantage of the Final Cut Pro X templates included with BCC 8 FxPlug, editors are able to create their own FCP X templates with BCC FxPlug in Motion 5, and access and reuse these templates in FCP X without going back to Motion 5.'

So slightly dissapointing as these plugins would have made a cracking addition to FCPX if they were priced right. The bottom line is very important in production these days and many editors will find it hard to justify the cost of BCC. We might be wrong, but there are editors out there who complain at a plugin priced at $99!

Download the Beta

Filter List

Filter Movie Gallery

Let us take a look at some of the demo videos posted by Boris FX for the FCPX beta.


All-New Final Cut Pro X Transitions

BCC FxPlug features all-new designer transition effects for FCP X ranging from lens flares and lens blurs to organic wipes and dissolves.



Beat Reactor Technology

Beat Reactor Technology is now built into many BCC FxPlug filters, making it easy to generate audio-driven effects such as a pulsing light or glow.


Built-In Masking System for Final Cut Pro X

Many BCC filters feature PixelChooser, a totally unique built-in masking system. This easy-to-use system allows you to selectively apply a BCC Filter to video by matting out a portion of the image based on criteria ranging from color channel information to simple geometric shapes.


Built-in Motion Tracking for Final Cut Pro X

Built-in, automated motion tracking allows editors to animate layers based on one or more user-selected tracking points. Save time performing day-to-day tasks such as match-moving, corner pinning, wire and rig removal, and witness protection effects.


Lens Blur Effects for Final Cut Pro X

Multiprocessor-accelerated lens blurring effects allow you to match looks traditionally achieved by a camera lens aperture setting.


There are another five demo videos posted on the Boris FX website after this, but they are in Flash so please go there to keep viewing!

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