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pixel film three plugins

Pixel Film Studios have released another three new plugins for Final Cut Pro X this month. We take a look at all three and offer our registered users a chance to buy the products at a discount. We all love discount codes don't we?

Starting off a series of great offers for discounts on FCPX products to our readers, we feature three new plugins from Pixel Film Studios.

A discount code will be sent via email to all our registered users tonight (20th November) that will give editors an extra 25% off in addition to the discounts you see on the website.

***We will be resending the email out to people who missed the cutoff date, but you have to be registered by midnight tonight  (weds) GMT***

 Make sure you register as we have another discount code for next week giving a massive 50% off a very special plugin which we know will be popular. 


Back to Pixel Film Studios and their three new plugins!

PROVEGA is a pack of lens flares for FCPX. You'll get the typical flare you would associate with a stills camera and also the much in demand anamorphic flares for that Star Trek look. The pack of plugins is reduced from $69.95 to $49.95 (Even without code)


PROLENS is a pack of plugins that give optical effects to footage that would normally be achieved by using expensive lenses. Effects range from fisheye fixing through tilt shift to graduated filters. The plugin is again reduced from $54.95 to $39.95 (Even without code)


Third on the list is TRANSHIVER, a pack of 45 transitions that give a glitch or computer malfunction effect to footage. These transitions are reduced from $34.95 to $24.95 (Not including discount code)


So don't forget to register, more codes over the next few weeks.


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