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***Updated with more information from developers***

You will have to bear with us for this one, but it does look like you can control the color board in FCPX by using gestures on a trackpad.

There's not much French spoken in the FCP.co office on a regular basis, so we will have to leave the translation of this video up to our kind multilingual readers.

Over the weekend we got an email from Vincent Zorzi asking us what we though of this YouTube video. We were interested and responded asking for more information and got the reply:

I can't say more. It is a public video : so you can publish it if you want. :)

And that is all the information we have. A spot of Googling only throws up Android apps and hair colouring products, so no news down that path.

Is it an app? Is it a set of custom controls for BetterTouch Tool? Has Vincent got his hands on a copy of 10.0.7?

We don't know, but we would like to know more.


UPDATE 22/11/12

We received this email from the developers:

We are working on this project with a developer OSX / iOS. Some features already working. Others are completely unstable, obtained by transient solutions. We therefore can not distribute this software, even in private beta. Especially for a stable solution, we do not know yet if we will eventually not need Apple. FCPX is not (yet) designed to be controlled from the outside by means other than keyboard shortcuts.

For those who thought there was BetterTouchTool behind: as awesome as it is, it does not fulfill the necessary functions. One or two actions can be completed by BTT, but that's all.

Why this video started so early? To see if the project is worthwhile because it is a much bigger job than it seems. But the positive feedback that encouraged us to go further, with even some other features not listed here.


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