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The plugin management system FxFactory from Boston based company Noise Industries has been updated to version 4. The big news is plugin compatibility with Adobe's Premiere Pro CS6 for the Mac, but more plugins  have been upgraded for Final Cut Pro X as well.

We can remember when FxFactory was launched back in 2006. Noise Industries were the first company that marketed their plugins on the benefit of GPU rendering for speed. How things have changed, GPU acceleration is now essential should you want your plugins to run at any usable speed within Final Cut Pro X or Premiere Pro now!

Back to 2012 and Noise Industries have just released FxFactory 4. The headline news is that this version now supports Adobe's Premiere Pro, well at least for FxFactory Pro and other Quartz Composer based plugins. Motion generated plugins such as Callouts or Tech Transitions unfortunately won't run in Premiere. (This also gave us the idea that it would be exceedingly cool if Adobe adopted Apple's idea of being able to build filters and transitions in After Effects for plugins in Premiere.)

FxFactory 4 is a free download and the plugin upgrades for Premiere Pro (Such as FxFactory Pro) are no charge to existing licence holders. Watermarked trials are available for most of the included plugins in the bundle.

We had the opportunity to test out the update and it is good to see some familiar plugins in the new host. We're pretty sure that this release has almost doubled the number of third party effects available for Premiere users overnight! Do they work the same? The answer is yes with one large exception that we will get onto later.


The great news is that the very popular $99 motion graphics plugin Motype is now compatible with Final Cut Pro X.


The $199 slideshow plugin Photo Montage is now available in FCPX

Lastly whilst we are on the FCPX side of things, Ripple Training's Callouts has been updated to version 1.3. As we noted earlier this set of plugins will not run in Premiere Pro.

Idustrial Revolution's $49 volumetric light spill plugin Volumetrix and $99 particle effect plugin Particlemetrix get full Premiere Pro upgrades.

Phyx Cleaner 2.0 has been released which adds support for Premiere Pro, the website and videos haven't been updated to reflect the fact yet.

Plugins within Adobe Premiere Pro work as you would expect and the parameters will all look very familiar if you've been using them in other hosts. The thumbnail view in the effect control panel for presets is excellent as is the render speed of the plugins. There are no image wells available in Premiere Pro, so if you need to add single media into a plugin, it has to be done by putting the media on the timeline and selecting the source layer. This will work with the clip's visibility toggled off.


No real surprises there, but a different matter when it comes to transitions. Although you can do transitions with third party plugins, things are not as simple as just dragging an effect on to a junction between two clips. Instead you have to apply the plugin to a layer that overlaps with the incoming video and then select the destination layer. This is a lot more complicated than FCP and FCPX transitions and we have already sent our feedback into Adobe.

Another wrinkle is the transition between different frame sizes, Premiere scales up a resized clip during the transition only for it to pop back to the set dimensions afterwards. Nesting or precomping the resized media is a workaround.


So a great update not only for Premiere Pro users, but also for Final Cut Pro X editors too. One final note, as the plugins use Quartz Composer, they will only run on a Mac so sorry PC users you won't be able to use any of these effects.


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