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November FCPX Plugin roundup

It's Bonfire Night, or the day before the US elections or if you don't live in the UK or the States, November the fifth. Five days in and we feature our first plugin roundup for the month.

We didn't expect to be writing a plugin roundup so soon in the month, but the way things are going it looks like these updates may become a weekly fixture! Slightly odd that we also feature the same three plugin producers with new products, but maybe that should be an indication of how easy it is to produce and market FCPX effects.

So let's start the list with Skippor. Slide is a budget $10 plugin that animates photographs. 

"Slide presents your photos in a pleasant and professional way. Drop from 1 to 10 photos into the 10 different styles, which the slide plugin contains. All 10 styles present your photos in a unique way, and they are all customizable. For example you can change the frame color so it fits your photos or you can make the motion/slide faster or slower."


Pixel Film Studios have been a prolific publisher of FCPX plugins, building up a diverse portfolio over the last couple of months. Their new plugin is called Protrace and is currently discounted down from $49.95 to $29.95. This plugin turns video into cartoons, watercolour, chalkboard or other 'arty' treatments. It will be interesting to see how the comic book preset shapes up against more expensive cell shading plugins.



And finally a new plugin from Fordee. Halftone is a budget $15 plugin that applies patterns over clips. 

"The Halftone effect applies one of several patterns to your clip. These patterns include dots, squares and x’s. You can control the way saturation is affected by the pattern against the original clip. You can also toggle an animated glowing scan light that traverses your clip either horizontally, vertically or both."



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