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There are loads of tutorials out there about editing video within Final Cut Pro X, not so many about audio. Ripple Training have released a whole course dedicated to getting your audio sounding the best it can in FCPX. We've also got a money off coupon code.

We have come across many great editors who can weave magic with pictures, but are rubbish when it comes to any sound work. In the past years this was no problem as the audio mix would be handled by a third party once the picture cut had been locked. With tightening budgets, this is a luxury a lot of productions can't afford, so it comes down to the editor to finish the whole job to a professionally acceptable level, including the audio.

Ripple training have announced their Sound Editing in Final Cut Pro X training course. Presented by Damian Allen, the $29.99 iTunes & iPad tutorials are split into 11 lessons and run a total of 76 minutes.

'Sound Editing in Final Cut Pro X was created to help you improve your soundtracks, teaching you the fundamental principles behind Parametric EQs, Compressors, Noise Gates, Foley, Surround Sound and more. You'll also learn when to use Final Cut Pro X's automatic enhancement tools and when to avoid them'

Steve Martin from Ripple Training has also very kindly sent us the coupon code fcpdotco which will get you a healthy 15% discount off the purchase price for 48 hours from now (Wednesday)

As always, here are a few extracts from the course.

Working with Audio Channels

Removing Noise

Exporting Audio to Pro tools

Working with a Parametric EQ

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