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It's not Minority Report, but it's a stage nearer. Jason Chong is controlling Final Cut Pro X with custom gestures on an Apple Magic Trackpad. Can he edit without resorting to the mouse?

We have had a variety of methods of adapting FCPX to work with various peripherals here on FCP.co. From giant touchscreens to iPad controlled scrolling they've all seemed a bit of a bodge. Until now.

Jason Chong looked into controlling FCPX with an Apple Magic Trackpad and at first found the gestures pretty limiting. He then found a free application called Better Touch Tool that adds many new gestures to the Trackpad and that opened up a whole new range of possibilities.

We're impressed, this is the first 'add-on' control to FCPX that we think will actually speed up the editing process - Once you've learnt all those gestures of course!

Many thanks to Jason Chong for the experimentation, his gesture configuration can be downloaded here.