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With the big debate about Final Cut Pro X still alight, it was refreshing to get a new and unbiased view. Chris Gatewood, a young filmmaker has been using FCPX to post produce his latest film.

Chris kindly emailed us about how the FCPX workflow has helped with his recent film project. Chris started out by making a parody of a commercial with a webcam which led to Proctor & Gamble taking notice and flying him to the SuperBowl as a reward for his efforts.

Since then he has embarked on making 'Seniors 2012 -Their Story' a film about graduation which premieres on May 24th in St Louis.

We will let Chris take up the story:

"I'm directing, editing, shooting as a senior in high school and cutting almost completely in Final Cut Pro X, without the easy FCPX workflow, this film would most likely not be possible.

Since the introduction of FCPX, I've gotten very aggressive with tackling complicated projects; its faster, leaner, and the organization was really intuitive for long term projects. I've been an intern at a few production companies shooting and editing with FCP7 and Premiere. But as I've gotten more experience, I've ventured off into not only editing and shooting, but directing and producing music videos, corporate films, and narrative films professionally.

I started a film with a classmate about my senior class as a memoir of our high school years that we could look back on after we've graduated. Soon after releasing this emotion driven trailer my producers at the production company backed the project.


Because of my limited budget, I was unable to use the usual professional editors I've worked with in the past. As a result, I embraced the ease of use of FCPX as an advantage for getting younger students who are used to iMovie to edit a few scenes without the hassle of teaching them FCP7 or Premiere.


They learned quickly editing DSLR footage from over 4+ cameras with no transcoding or other setbacks. I was easily able to copy the projects they edited to my external drive to begin color correction and tweaking in minutes for some projects. I was blown away with how productive we became in less than a year working on this project. The film is due to premiere at the Tivoli Theater on May 24th here in St. Louis, MO and I'm very excited showcase it."


Many thanks to Chris for sharing his story with us. We particularly like his student 'Assistant Editor' friends using their iMovie knowledge to do sub cuts for him! A sobering lesson for every editor in there.