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Tired of waiting for your disks to spin back up to speed when you've not accessed them for a while from your NLE? The new version of Disksomnia from Digital Heaven will keep them ready.

External drives have a habit of spinning down a few seconds before you move the cursor or hit play after a period of inactivity. That wait whilst the drives whir up to speed before playing is pretty annoying. We have noticed this happening more with FCPX than the previous versions of Final Cut Pro, but maybe that's us getting distracted easily!

Digital Heaven has released Disksomnia 3.0 a new $9.99 version of the app that stops disks going to sleep.

'Originally released in 2008, previous versions of Disksomnia were specifically aimed at video editors and kept all mounted disks awake whilst Final Cut Express or Final Cut Pro were running. Version 3.0 has been completely rewritten and now offers options for controlling when it runs and which disks it affects. Disksomnia has a negligible overhead so system performance will not be affected and once set up the utility works invisibly in the background to ensure no disks doze off, including those that ignore Energy Saver preferences.'


Features include:
- Runs invisibly in the background
- NEW! Options are set in System Preferences pane.
- NEW! Keep all disks or only a chosen list of disks awake
- NEW! Run Disksomnia continuously or only when certain applications are running.

We like the fact that you can now customise the settings to choose what apps keep selected disks awake. You might choose a media disk to keep running for FCPX editing work, but have it spin down when you've only got Motion running. At just $10, Disksomnia looks like good value if you add up all the time the app will save you on a job.

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