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A bit of déjà vu going on here but more about that later. Indiescans have joined the film grain party by releasing three packs of film grain to superimpose over your footage.

First of all let us say that we welcome new developers to the Final Cut Pro ecosystem and we try to give each new company a fair crack of the whip. New to us are Indiescans who enter an already saturated market for film grain effects. As an example only last week we broke the news about Kickstarter and Grain35. It is going to be a tough sell and hard to gain traction.

Let us take a look at Indiegrains products. They market their 'Filmpaks' as 'An extremely affordable collection of Real 35mm, 16mm, and 8mm film scans.' There are three packs available, 35mm, 16mm and 8mm scanned film grain that you use by compsositing on top of your existing footage. The clips come supplied as ProRes 1080p 23.98 FPS.

35mm Filmpak


16mm Filmpak


16mm Filmpak


8mm Filmpak


When we mentioned déjà vu in the lead in it was beacuse we felt that we've written this story a number of times over. If you are contemplating producing a commercial product to replicate film looks using scanned grain, then please understand there's now a lot of similar products out there. The same goes for colour correction packages.