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In the red corner we have the newly released Twixtor upgrade for FCPX. In the blue corner we have the built in Optical Flow in Final Cut Pro X. Who wins the super slomo fight?

It was the battle we wanted to see, how would the Optical Flow built into FCPX match up against the newly released and a tad expensive Twixtor. Mitch Payne kindly emailed us this test comparison he carried out between the two different methods of slowing down video to get that ultra smooth slomo look.

So let round one begin!


Straight off we can see less funkiness going on with the bodyboard logo and flippers on the close shot through Twixtor, but for the wides we think it will have to go to a points decision. Here's Mitch's opinion:

"For my money if your footage isn't going to work with optical flow, Twixtor will only make it marginally better. For what it's worth I would save my money or spend it on other plug-ins. Motion estimation software can have some amazing results, it just doesn't work well with a lot of the content I deal with."

"On the plus side, it renders a hell of a lot faster in X then it does in 7."