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We recently set up a section in our forum labeled 'Made with Final Cut Pro' which led us on to think about whatever happened to the Apple approved practice of being able to add the information onto your film or video?

We were getting more and more video links sent to us here at FCP.co so we thought setting up the 'Made in Final Cut Pro' section was a great way for editors to showcase their work. But whatever happened to the Apple approved practice of being able to add the logo 'Edited with Final Cut Pro' to your production?

The answer is the Apple approved logo for adding onto your credits is still available for use. You can download the logos, study the guidelines and read the agreement on the Apple software licencing page.


We think Apple is missing a trick here, the guidelines were published back in 2004! Wouldn't it be great if Apple issued some new logos, maybe colour, featuring the new multicoloured clapperboard with the tagline 'Edited with Final Cut Pro X'·

What do you get for adding the logo? First of all you get a three page agreement from Apple to sign and mail off to an address in Austin Texas. Don't expect an iTunes gift voucher in the return post though, your reward is the ability to use the trademark.

We think this is a great opportunity for Apple to give this process a major overhaul. There would be a lot of good PR all round if proud producers and editors were able to officially stamp a better logo onto the end of their productions.

So how about a list of things edited on Final Cut Pro X? Well, we have started to do that already.

How about a peer rated competition for awards at the end of the year? Now there is an idea...