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Rgrain $60 film grain clips package for making video look like filmstock


Rgrain have released a set of film grain clips to overlay onto your footage to make that pin sharp video look like it was shot on a film camera. $60 gets you the set to work in Final Cut Pro and other NLE's

It still makes us chuckle that people spend large amounts of money on cameras and lenses to produce the highest resolution, pin sharp images they can. Then in post they make it look like it was shot on an old broken 8mm camera. It's a popular look though and no amount of colour correcting will add grain, so products like these have their place.

Rgrain have released a set of clips that once composited over footage will give the film grain effect.


Here's the product bullet points from Rgrain:

  • Seven high-quality, ProRes 422 film grain plates. (Each clip loops for 1min—5.6Gb total download.)
  • 35mm, 16mm, and 8mm ultra-realistic film stock emulations
  • Looks and feels like the real things Includes a set of 8 aspect ratio hard mattes (PNG 24)
  • Removes the digital "plastic" look
  • Easy to use. No plugins. No time-consuming rendering
  • NO luminance or color shift to your footage when applying film grain
  • Smooth and natural flicker
  • Clean and dirt free plates unlike other film grain packages (Note: The "Super 8mm Nostalgia" and "16mm Old Stock" do have moderate damage)
  • Helps in dithering gradient banding. Better-looking compression on video-sharing sites
  • Works with all professional NLE and compositing suites
  • Great for special effect work / compositing
  • NO licensing fees. Use Rgrain on any projects, anytime
  • More affordable than other "real scanned film grain plates"—and Rgrain looks just as good!
  • Best of all, fool people into thinking you are really shooting film :)

Can't say we agree with their statement on no rendering, as of course everything will have to be rendered on export. They have also produced a tutorial to show the clips working in Final Cut Pro X. As they are Quicktime clips they should work with other NLE's including FCP7.

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