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***Video Reposted***

Whatever you are doing, stop, get yourself a coffee and spend the next 30 minutes watching Michael talk about large format workflow. Packed full of information, this recent LAFCPUG presentation is not to be missed.

We watched this video non-stop from the beginning to end. Not only has Michael got a great pedigree in providing digital services to films, he's also got a great sense of humour.

He also goes into some useful detail and we picked up a lot of industry information that we wouldn't have thought about - Not that David Fincher is going to ask us to edit his next film, but as Michael explains 'The technology is spreading like ripples.'

Even if you are not going to edit a 5K feature film in your professional career, there are tips and tricks that could make any editors life easier. We particularly liked the way he and his team used iTunes to distribute rushes.

Many thanks to Michael Cioni from for putting together such a great presentation and to Micheal Horton at the LAFCPUG or CPUG (whichever one works) for hosting the presentation and publishing the video.

Lightiron also have an Ipad App 'Live Play' that allows you to watch, share and comment/tag on shots on set.

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