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What a day yesterday was, the 10.0.3 update for Final Cut Pro X set the Internet alight. We thought we would take a look at the third party announcements that might have been overshadowed by the news from Cupertino. News from AJA, Blackmagic Design, Intelligent Assistance, Marquis, GenArts, Red Giant and more.

7toX_FCPXLet's start with the $9.99 7toX app from Intelligent Assistance. This allows you to bring Final Cut Pro 7 projects into FCPX and priced at $9.99 seems a bit of a no brainer, if like us you have drives full of old 6 & 7 projects.

"The lightweight application is simple to use, with drag-and-drop support and progress information. 7toX translates important metadata from your Final Cut Pro 7 Project — including bins, clips and sequences — to a new Event in Final Cut Pro X with the highest fidelity of any translation application for Final Cut Pro. In addition, the application provides clear, detailed reporting after every transfer."


marquis_fcpx_pro_toolsAnother converter this time slightly different, Marquis have announced X2Pro will be available at the end of February. The $99.99 app converts and transfers FCPX projects so they will work with Pro Tools.

We are excited about the introduction of X2Pro Audio Convert, said Chris Steele, Product Manager of Marquis Broadcast. It provides a smooth workflow between Final Cut Pro X and Pro Tools, allowing users to take full advantage of the functionality of these world-class products now and in the future.

X2Pro uses Marquis’ Media Highway, the core technology employed by Marquis’ media integration products, to integrate Final Cut Pro X into professional audio workflows. X2Pro converts the exported Final Cut Pro X XML into an AAF file, which Avid Pro Tools can open as a session, delivering seamless integration between the two applications.

Using the enhanced metadata in XML 1.1 from Final Cut Pro X, X2Pro provides a high fidelity conversion to a Pro Tools session, with planned support for audio gain, transitions, and key frames. Taking advantage of the innovative metadata-based organizing features in Final Cut Pro X, unlimited numbers of audio Roles in Final Cut Pro X are converted into Pro Tools tracks, allowing sound designers and mixers to start working immediately.


AJA_FCPX_SupportAJA announced Beta drivers for their products to provide broadcast video out monitoring.

The beta drivers 'AJA 10.2 X' are available for download now.

For more information on the use of FCPX with AJA products you can download their document 'Working with Final Cut Pro X and AJA'



blackmagic_fcpx_supportHot on their heels are Blackmagic Design with a new version of Desktop Video 9.2, a beta too but it will support broadcast monitoring for FCPX.

"Desktop Video 9.2 beta 1 for Mac OS X is available for download now and is free of charge for all Blackmagic Design customers. This update includes support for all current DeckLink, Multibridge, Intensity and UltraStudio models.

Broadcast monitoring in Final Cut Pro 10.0.3 allows video output to external monitors and other equipment using the SDI, HDMI or analog video outputs from Blackmagic Design video hardware.

Desktop Video 9.2 beta 1 includes a new control panel for selecting the video output format from Final Cut Pro X for output to devices such as broadcast quality monitors, HDTVs and projectors, so you can see exactly what your master will look like in television colorspace.

Desktop Video 9.2 beta 1 also includes Media Express 3.1 beta. Media Express provides capture, logging and management of video files to Final Cut Pro X compatible formats including ProRes and uncompressed video. Media Express features timecode accurate video capture from professional VTRs with RS-422 control, the ability to log additional metadata and to create custom bins for managing all project video media.

Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 includes XML 1.1 for exporting primary color grades to DaVinci Resolve. This improved XML support makes it easier to move projects from FCP X to Resolve as any primary color changes carried out during editing can now be imported and applied automatically within Resolve. Once a project has been color graded with DaVinci Resolve it can be reopened simply within Final Cut Pro X for any further editing."


genarts_fcpxPlugin manufacturer GenArts has released Edge for Final Cut Pro X. This has been promised for quite a while now, but the $299 looks package is now available.


RedGiant_fcpxRed Giant have also announced that Magic Bullet Looks is now available for FCPX. This popular grading plugin is normally $399, but for seven days ending on the 6th of Feb, you can get 50% off by quoting the code LOOKSFCPX50.

They also produced a couple of videos, the one published below introducing Magic Bullet for FCPX and also a Getting Started video hosted Simon Walker.


So there you go, no doubt we will add to the list today as more news becomes available, but those links will give you a few hours of browsing today.