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Adding to their successful range of Final Cut Pro X image processing products, CrumplePop have lauched a platinum process effect called Platinotype.

Platinum prints were popular in the 1800's for not only their high tonal range but also the rich darkness that the platinum papers allowed compared to the usual silver print process.

CrumplePop have released Platinotype, a $79 effect for FCPX that mimics this old photographic style.


"Platinotype also allows you to quickly stack multiple luma-adjusted layers via a single control called Depth. By simply sliding a slider, you can dial in more depth or less, modeling your subject in a way that is similar to moving physical lights on a set. Platinotype also has a Shadow Depth control, allowing you to selectively pull detail from shadows."

"Platinotype also includes two detail recovery controls – Fine Detail and Course Detail. Unlike conventional sharpening filters, Platinotype’s detail recovery can be set relatively high before introducing noise. The result is a level of texture that reflects one of the most striking features of platinum process photography – a smooth but tack-sharp image with high contrast details."

CrumplePop have also produced three tutorial videos for Platinotype

And the 'Using Platinotype' video which we have published below.

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