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A brand new plugin from Graeme Nattress, Levels and Curves gives you on screen colour correction controls in Final Cut Pro X.

Anybody who has been in the FCP ecosystem will tell you Graeme Nattress has huge respect within the industry. His plugins were not only some of the first 'filmlook' style available, they are also among the best. He's been reasonably quiet over the last few years being a software engineer employed on the image processing side of the development of the Red camera. He knows his stuff.

His previous plugins for Final Cut Pro were mainly written in FXScript which FCPX does not support. The new Levels and Curves plugin has been published using Noise Industries' plugin development platform FxFactory, which not only supports FCPX, but FCP7, Motion 3 to 5 and After Effects. The plugin and a raft of others are included as free trials in the recent FxFactory 3 update.


"Final Cut Pro X natively works on your images in linear light, and although superb for compositing, linear light representations are far from ideal for grading an image. By placing the image into a specially constructed film-log space, you get the benefits of fine control over the tones in your image and the benefit of film-like contrast handling."

Graeme asked us to point out three key features:

On screen GUI display of curves
Curves are maths-precise and designed for grading
Underlying math is film-log base to ensure great grading response

The Nattress Levels and Curves plugin retails for $29.00 and can either be found on Graeme's site or the FxFactory 3 webpage.

As the demo below shows, this plugin could be ideal for thosee shooting with flat picture styles on DSLR's such as the Canon 5D mkII.

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