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Now you can combine the two different exposures videos from your 'Magic Lanterned' DSLR in Final Cut Pro X. Alex Gollner has built a free Motion effect for FCPX that will combine the frames for you.

HDR or High Dynamic Range is definitely flavour of the month. You might have spotted that we reported on Magic Lantern's new firmware for Canon DSLRs that allowed the camera to shoot video with two exposure settings on alternate frames.

Alex Gollner has now published a free generator for Final Cut Pro that takes the two different exposure frames and combines them to give that HDR look. There is a catch though as the firmware won't run at a double framerate on most DSLRs, so as you are combining frames you end up halving the framerate. This might be fine for landscapes but it's not going to work with any fast moving action.

The effect seems to be fairly straight forward, maybe the next version might include some retiming and optical flow within the effect to stretch out the video back to its original framerate. In the meantime many thanks to Alex for writing this effect, we will add it to our free FCPX Plugins & Templates section on our forum.



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