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We first saw this yesterday, but we have been waiting for a download link. Singular Software have released a free beta version of PluralEyes for FCPX. The most interesting video of the week too.

When PluralEyes for FCP7 was released, it was an instant hit. It perfectly synced up DSLR footage with audio recorded on a separate device such as a ZoomH4n·saving many hours of manually matching things up. It also made making multiclips in FCP easy by having the ability to sync via matching the audio rather than a timecode or in point.

Then FCPX was announced with a synchronise clips feature which people thought was included in the app due to the ingenious originality and success of PluralEyes.

Many thought this would kill off PluralEyes with Final Cut Pro, but they were wrong as Singular·Software have announced a free beta version of PluralEyes for FCPX.

Sure, there is some overlap in functionality, but just take a look near the end of the video where Bruce from Singular Software demo's a multicam workflow. Very cool

It's watching demos like Bruce's that make us think there is much more under the hood of FCPX and maybe this gives us an idea of Apple's own multicam features that are due to be deployed with an update in the new year.

We used PluralEyes here to make 23 different broadcast pieces recently, we are going to spend the rest of the day trying to recut one of them in FCPX after using the beta.·

For more help on using PluralEyes with FCPX, please visit their help page.

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