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Ripple Training seem to be building up their FCPX and Motion tutorials on a weekly basis! Here Steve Martin presents their newest course, Advanced Editing Workflows in Final Cut Pro X. Don't forget our 15% off coupon.

Hot off the press comes a $29.99, 90 minutes long, 8 multi-part tutorial called 'Advanced Editing in Final Cut Pro X.' What we like about these tutorials is the fact that you can download the demo footage so you can reproduce exactly what you see on screen. It's also a good idea to try and do real life projects and this course features 3: a dialogue scene, a web promo and a corporate image spot.

The tutorial assumes you already have a basic knowledge of FCPX and are comfortable with the interface. If you are a beginner then we recommend you start with Apple Pro Video Series:·Final Cut Pro X, a 5 hour course on FCPX from scratch.

Ripple Training have kindly issued a special coupon for our readers. By entering the code fcpdotco you will get 15% off any product from the site until the 25th December 2011.

They have also published three short extracts from the Advanced Editing Workflows in Final Cut Pro X·course to show some of the advanvced techniques in FCPX.