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Boris FX have updated Soundbite to version 1.1 which brings support for FCPX. Once called 'Get' this piece of software can be invaluable for finding words or phrases in recorded media.

This software has had a chequered career, it was marketed under another name for a year, but things look to have stabilised now it's part of the Boris FX portfolio of products.

Have you ever shuttled up and down a clip tyring to find an exact phrase or word? Soundbite can do this automatically. Powered by Nexidia's patented dialogue search technology, Soundbite will  find and list all instances of your chosen word or phrase.

Many editors have said it's saved them hours of searching and priced at $295 the chances are on a big job the time saving costs will cover the price of the product.

Boris Soundbite Key Features

  • Find any word or phrase spoken in your media
  • Search hundreds of hours of video in just seconds
  • One-button import to Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro, with markers and in/out points
  • Fix noisy dialogue or change intonation with alternate takes of problem words
  • Multiple languages supported


All the demo videos we have seen so far show Soundbite in action with FCP7. With FCPX, do we get a keyword selection referenced to the seach term? If so that would give great flexibility within FCPX as you would be able to make a subset again with keywords. Or in put another way, it would fit exactly into how Apple like to manage their media within FCPX. Maybe it will just add markers to your exisiting clips. If anybody finds an FCPX demo of Soundbite online, please email a link to us. In the meantime we will have to repost this demo using FCP7, still impressive though.


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