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CoreMelt Complete is now available for Final Cut Pro X and it's been reduced to half price. Also Red Giant show us why Magic Bullet won't be coming to FCPX just yet.

Two bits of news from two different FCP plugin companies.

First of all CoreMelt have upgraded their 'Complete' pack of plugins to be compatible with Final Cut Pro X. Not only have they added 8 new plugins to the pack but they have also halved the price from $399 to $199. The bundle is made up of 8 separate 'packs' designed to do different custom jobs in FCP or any of the other hosts that are supported including FCP7, Final Cut Express, Motion, Adobe After Effects and Premiere.

When we say plugins running in FCPX we actually mean that a plugin has been applied to a Motion template and those parameters have been published with the effect to Final Cut Pro X. Let's just say that again:

At the moment there are no visual processing plugins on the market running only within FCPX - they all use the Motion wrapper method.

This brings quite a few problems to plugin developers as currently you can only publish three types of parameters from Motion into FCPX. Those are sliders, check boxes and dropdown menus. So if a plugin in FCP7 uses a different control such as a file chooser for a slide show, you are not going to see it in FCPX until Apple allow plugins to run natively within the app itself.

The way FCPX and Motion hand off their media to plugins has obviously changed too with the new versions. This has bought quite a few bugs, we reported on this shrinking picture problem recently. Bugs have affected other companies too, Red Giant have had to postpone the launch of Magic Bullet for FCPX until this rather awkward bug has been fixed, Ahron Rabinowitz explains.

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