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***Updated with 'bootleg' video***

Wow, what a statement to wake up to this morning. It's pretty obvious from some comments last night at the SuperMeet in Boston that Walter's not too keen on FCPX.

Not an official video, let's hope the whole presenation gets published by Michael & Dan soon.

First of all let's get the journalism out of the way by saying that we were not at the SuperMeet even though we predicted that Walter was going to come out with some choice FCPX remarks at the gathering.

The line was from a Twitter feed of @ItsMeMegatron We hope videos of the evening will be published soon and then we will all be able to judge Walters' feelings first hand.

There has been a blog post about last night already published and we thank Chris Portal for reporting in more depth from the Boston SuperMeet. We also borrowed a couple of photos from his blog for the banner.

Please give his post 'Walter Murch at the Boston Supermeet' a read.

Has Walter not twigged that FCPX contains a database? Surely using something like range based keywords would avoid some of the exceptionally long winded aide mémoires he's invented over the years.

Jokingly, another colleague suggested that Walter should apply his clip labeling techniques to his fridge contents. "Red for meat' 'Yellow for dairy' etc and also put a thumbnail picture of the items on the outside of the door. All that and a database of the sell-by dates of course.

Walter is not the target market for FCPX, indeed he's an exception as most film editors won't do the soundwork that he does in the app. Maybe it is the older editors who are struggling to see the powerful features within FCPX that could possibly transform their day job. We would have thought that being able to tie clips together and move them around just might sell it alone. Never mind auditions.

Come on Walter, you were meant to be one of the pioneers of doing things differently, trying new stuff out, being the first and getting a big splash on the Apple website for your reward. When you cut your first feature on FCP, you started editing before a process of getting your cut to film was invented!

We expected more, maybe Walter might look again at FCPX after the proposed update in the new year.

Many thanks to Chris Portal for the report and our cheeky use of his photographs.