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A quiet day in the FCPX world so far after yesterday's raft of news. A good time to take a look at an excellent article about using keywords in FCPX.

There are good articles and bad articles on the internet about FCPX editing. Some people post a 'review' that is only three paragraphs long, some people take a bit more time and care and write an article that becomes a resource.

This article by Steve Douglas and Ken Stone is an example of the latter. Entitled 'Final Cut Pro X - Keywords' this article runs right through from how things were done in FCP7, to the extended keyword functionality in FCPX. We counted more than 50 screengrabs in the article!

"Part of the power of FCP X comes from its use of metadata to help organize media. Metadata is information that is attached or embedded in media, such as time and date, video format, frame rate, codec etc. This metadata is recorded by the camera while shooting. In FCP X we can add additional information to the metadata of a clip, which will then help refine the organization of our media. The metadata that we will add is called 'Keywords'. Keywords enable us to further sort our clips; and Keyword Collections are created to hold our keywords."

A fabulous article by the guys and well worth taking the time to read up on keywords.