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Digieffects have joined the list of companies that have updated their plugins to work with Final Cut Pro X. Delerium is the first pack that gets the makeover.

Digieffects have had an intensive engineering and product development initiative to bring their products up to date. They have announced the launch of Delerium v2.5 which brings support for FCPX, we think!

Updated: The updates will be available from their website starting Monday 24th October


The relaunch of Delirium, Damage and Buena Depth Cue represents the single largest investment in talent and resources since I acquired Digieffects 4 years ago, said Robert Sharp, president of Digieffects. The 2.5 versions of these products are a quantum leap in technological innovation, with significant under-the-hood improvements across the board. And these new products come at a pivotal time in the industry - video editors and VFX artists are facing much change in the platforms they’ve come to rely on. We’ve redesigned our entire product line to ensure they literally slipstream into users’ editing timelines and VFX workflow - regardless of if you’re a freelancer or running a large post facility. If you’re a Final Cut Pro editor working in FCP X, FCP 6 or 7; or if you’re a Premiere Pro editor on CS5.5, you know that Digieffects plug-ins will integrate seamlessly and give you stunning results every time.

We think we might be a bit ahead of ourselves here as their website doesn't look like it has been updated yet, but hopefully we will revisit when it's been refreshed and we will post new links.

Not all of the plugins within Delerium are FCPX ready yet:

Delirium v2.5: Delirium v2.5, a comprehensive suite of 44 plug-ins designed for editors, visual effects and digital media artists looking to add high quality, affordable and visually stunning effects to their digital media projects. Today, 11 Delirium plug-ins provide full support for FCP X, and more will be added in the near future. These 11 plug-ins supporting FCP X are also found in the new Delirium Phenomena bundle.

Users can purchase the entire suite of plug-ins, or beginning next week, purchase affordable, themed bundles. These bundles include:

  • Phenomenon: Includes 11 plug-ins based on natural and super-natural effects, such as Electrical Arcs, Fairy Dust, Fog Factory and Rainfall. All of the plug-ins in this bundle offer full support for FCP X.

  • Color: Includes 11 plug-ins for colorists, and includes Channel Noise, Channel Offset, Color Fill, Color Space and many more.

  • Distort: Includes 11 plug-ins designed to create artificial noise and distortions in your sequences, and includes Crazy Stripes, Newsprint, Stargate, Perpectron, and many more.

  • Mood: Includes 6 plug-ins that enable editor and artists to enhance sequences with applications such as Channel Lighting, Glow, Glower, Lightwrap, Nightbloom and Specular Lighting.

  • Composite: Includes 5 powerful compositing tools, including Alpha Tools, Channel Composite, Channel Viewer, Color Composite and Composite.

Delrium v2.5: $299.00 for new customers; $149.00 for users migrating from v1.0; and is a free upgrade for v2.0 customers.

The new Delirium bundles are priced as follows:

  • Delirium Phenomena: $149.00
  • Delirium Distort: $149.00
  • Delirium Color: $149.00
  • Delirium Mood: $99.00
  • Delirium Composite: $99.00

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