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Hot on the heels of the weekend's excitement with FCPX and FCP7 project interchange, Jef Gibbons got in touch with us to share his Final Cut Pro X OMF export 'workaround'

So you want to get your audio out of FCPX using OMF and into an audio editing program for finishing. Seems a reasonable request, but FCPX doesn't support OMF exports.

Jef Gibbons has been kind enough to share his rather long workaround of getting his audio files out of FCPX and into Nuendo.He admits you do need to bounce your production through a few other apps such as After Effects and Premiere, but his video shows it can be done. This is more of interest now that Adobe have swallowed Automatic Duck.

Again this is another example of a workflow that a third party could develop, it's long winded at the moment but it works!

Many thanks to Jef for not only working this out, but sharing his findings too.

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