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We know that Final Cut Pro X is great for converting and editing quicktime files from DSLR cameras such as the Canon 5D. What if you want a more robust method for ingesting, cataloging and backups?

Pomfort have released an update to Silverstack LT H.264, an application that organises and prepares DSLR files for editing. The authors found that people were requesting similar DIT and data wrangler tools for DSLR's that were being used on projects that shot with more expensive cameras like the Alexa. One example of this is that Silverstack can make two copies of the media simultaneously and verify the written data afterwards. So in other words you know you've got the footage and the cards can go back to the camera crew.

Of special interest to us is that the application now supports export to FCPX using the new FCPXML. All clip related information such as annotations, ratings or technical data also gets imported as metadata. If the DSLR material has been shot with the CineStyle picture profile, then the media can automatically have the the DSLR Log2Video filter applied in FCP7 or FCPX.

We can see this being extremely useful for productions that have a lot of media shot on DSLR's. Not only will it make copying of the data easier and more robust, it will also help to check and organise the files ready for transfer to your NLE. Yes it works with Avid too!

The application can be purchased for $129 from the website, a free 14 day trial is also available. 






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