✎ Latest Free FCPX Effects

Andy Anderson from Infinite Skills has produced 142 lessons or 10.5 hours worth of Final Cut Pro X tuition for $99.99. The course is available by download or on DVD.

A few months on from the launch of FCPX and more and more companies are releasing training products. Infinite Skills has a large library of training products ranging from programming, design, networking and now they stock lessons on our favourite new NLE, Final Cut Pro X.

"The Final Cut Pro X tutorial really highlights the benefit of professional training," said Chris Johns, content coordinator for InfiniteSkills. "When new users are just starting out and when experienced users need to adapt quickly to changes in the products they use every day, that's where our solutions really shine."

The tutorial course covers the fundamental areas of video production such as importing footage, making cuts and transitions, working with audio tracks, and integrating Final Cut Pro projects with external applications. While it addresses all the new features of Final Cut Pro X, the tutorial stays focused on issues most vital to production workflows, thoroughly exploring all major aspects of the editing process.

"We've designed it so that editors can use our videos as they are actually in the software, working in a real world editing process," Johns said.

They have published 15 lessons online so you can try before you buy. We've embedded the first one here (although they are in 4:3) but head on over to their website for the other 14 freebies.

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