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Apple have always produced a list of third party devices that have been qualified for use with Final Cut Pro. Here's a  handy list of cameras including which easy setup you should be using, but that's not why we find this interesting.

We were pleased to find this update to the Knowledge Base as it looks like Apple are serious about the continuing support of Final Cut Pro 7 now that it has been reintroduced.

OK, big deal we hear you say, but digging a bit deeper we found that the technical specifications for FCP7 have been reposted as a Knowledge Base article by Apple as well. Makes you wonder how long copies of FCP7 will be available from the Apple Store, but good news for the still growing 'classic community.'

Back to the article and it's a pretty cool guide to check which firmware, drivers, codecs and easy setups you need for specific cameras. Not every possible camera is listed, but hopefully Apple will update it again in the future.

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