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The screen grab doesn't really do this plugin justice, this is going to be a huge timesaver for FCP7 users who work in a collaborative environment. Enjoy the luxury of having your bins update automatically with new clips, renamed clips and deletions.

Many thanks to Jose from e-Postprod for getting in touch with us about this plugin. We have worked on many SAN systems where we have had to go hunting through folders to see if new files have been ingested. Normally it results in somebody buzzing us over talkback to say that a file is there, you also don't want to try to access the file whilst it is still being written to disk.

e-Watcher, the FCP7 plugin from from e-Postrod will now update a project automatically whenever a file is added, renamed or deleted. The project bins and contents in the browser should mirror selected folders in the finder. We cannot stress how amazingly helpful this will be to editors who work on shared storage. 'Smartbins' that update have always been a highly requested feature update and it looks as if e-Watcher has filled that demand for FCP7 users.

The plugin retails for €69 and can be bought directly from e-Postprod's website.

Please do let us know if you have used this plugin, any case examples of it in action would be appreciated as we are considering using it on a few upcoming jobs ourselves.

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