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Rays, you either love them or hate them, but used right they can add a lot of impact or subtle realism. Digital Film Tools have upgraded their Rays plugin to work with Final Cut Pro X.

Not only does the $99 plugin work with FCPX, it will also work with Adobe After Effects CS5 and up, Premiere ProCS5 and up, Final Cut Pro® 6, 7, Avid® Symphony, Media Composer®, Newscutter, and Xpress Pro. All on the same licence too.

"Expanding the functionality of Rays to now include support for film and video hosts was a clear decision for us," comments Marco Paolini, Founder and President, Digital Film Tools. "We want our plug-ins to help enrich the creative process for all types of visual effects artists – from filmmakers and video editors to photographers and graphic designers. The ability to enhance film or video footage with volumetric lighting, such as Rays, will bring an added dimension of brightness and clarity to any project. We are looking forward to hearing feedback from our film and video users out there and seeing how they put our Rays plug-in to use."

Just a quick note here to say that Marco was the author of the official Shake 3 and Shake 4 training books published by Peachpit, so he should know quite a bit about image processing.

Rays Feature Highlights:

• Set the ray length and brightness
• Control ray direction with an on-screen control
• Customize the color of the rays using a color picker
• Threshold control to specify where the rays will be visible
• Randomize the rays

There are two version of the plugin, one for stills which retails at $50 and the one we are interested in which works with video that retails at £$99. 

There is also a standalone version of Rays which is available on the Mac App Store for $19.99

The site is a bit understated when it comes to FCPX, we found these two videos of rays in action, unfortunately in Photoshop only.

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