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This guy talks sense. He has boiled down into one video information that would have taken other Final Cut Pro gurus a whole day to present. We've watched a lot of FCPX videos here and if you can get past the rather odd window location, we definitely recommend a view. Humorous too.

Michael Horton should be booking Evan for the upcoming Supermeet in Amsterdam. You will not find more information about FCPX presented in such a quick and enjoyable way. We were a bit sceptical about the video, maybe it was the people walking past the window that distracted us, but we gained a lot from going the duration.

I think we would go as far to say if anybody has reservations about FCPX, this might start to change their minds.


"Analog to digital. Flatbed editing to Avid/1. SD to HD—and now to 3D. Final Cut Pro to Final Cut Studio and back to Final Cut Pro X. Where are we? Where have we come from? Where are we going?

Throughout the history of film and video editing, there have been many watershed moments that have turned the industry on its head. Each has been met with uncertainty, but ultimately led way to the industry's next paradigm shift.

In this special Tekserve event, presented by Evan Schechtman of @radical.media and Outpost Digital, and co-sponsored by Manhattan Edit Workshop, we took a look at the history of digital video editing—with a particular focus on Apple's Final Cut Pro X, and how this just-released software sets the foundation for the industry's next big revolution."

Many thanks to Isazaly for the tip

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