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Final Cut Pro X might not be for you, so what are the options? Oliver Peters takes a tour through the NLE alternatives.

We've said here before that Oliver writes well thought out blog posts and this is another example, looking at the alternatives to FCPX. Some other high profile FCP users have just dismissed FCPX instantly, Oliver takes a more pragmatic view in his article.

"FCP X is a love-hate relationship. The people who are drawn to it feel that it’s the next revolution in editing technology. The folks ready to switch to something else point to the lack of advanced features, a radical redesign of the editing metaphor and the loss of compatibility with legacy projects. So, what do YOU do?"

He then goes on to list his 5 alternatives, all of which can be found on his blog FCPX alternatives. Oliver ends with the thought:

"Apple’s handling of the FCP X product launch has turned off some users so completely that they are also contemplating a move to Windows. Adobe’s and Avid’s tools are all cross-platform and Windows 7 Professional 64-bit is a very good OS. Other NLE choices are opened with such a move. These include Sony Vegas, EditShare Lightworks, Grass Valley EDIUS and Avid DS.

Whether or not you decide to switch or wait it out, it’s clear that Apple’s launch of Final Cut Pro X has shaken up the landscape. More options – more tools – and no clear market dominance – that’s what the next year seems to hold."

It's going to be a very interesting year.

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