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The big mystery of the weekend - Who killed off Get? An award winning product for Final Cut Pro, great reviews and now unavailable to buy: what happened?

Get was announced at NAB 2010 and was available for download in August of that year. A year on, the product has been removed from the shelves, nearly all the references to it on the AV3 site have gone. There are still some third parties advertising the product such as Toolfarm, but we expect those to disappear soon too.

Scott Simmons over on Provideocoalition posted on friday that a colleague tried to buy Get and couldn't find it on AV3, the company who had brought the plugin to market by licencing the technology from Nexidia.

Scott got this from Nexidia:

"Get for Final Cut Pro is no longer available for purchase in its current form. Nexidia is working to provide updated dialogue search tools with broad compatibility and support for new professional workflows, which will be available in the near future."

Is there any significance in the fact that it is a year since Get was first available for download? We were one of the first to report that AV3 had halved the price from $499 to $249 back on the first of April, so wasn't it selling well? 

Some of us at FCP.co were consulted before the plugin was developed. We suggested that their price was too expensive for the majority of Final Cut Pro editors out there. The FCP ecosystem doesn't support large bolt-on software anymore, software under $100 is where the niche is now. We gave the example of Abaltat, the automatic music composition software that started out at $800, it had a huge launch including an expensive stand at IBC. It didn't sell and after a number of price cuts ended up being incorporated into Tunepresto, an online composition service which no doubt uses the Abaltat 'engine'.

Get has now gone the same way. Could it appear built into a future version of FCPX? Who knows, but it's a real shame an award winning piece of software had such a short life.

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