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Over the weekend Scott sent us an email about his recent webinar on FCPX. We will let him take up the story about the list after the break.

"Over the last year I've done several webinars for FilmmakingWebinars.com. The most recent was the Final Cut Pro X Hands On Tour that was held on June 30. There were over 800 viewers in attendance. Part of the fun of these webinars is that they are live and attendees have the chance to ask questions that we try to answer at the end of the webinar. As you can imagine there's never enough time to answer them all and this one was no exception as we got over 100 questions that were asked before, during and after the webinar. It took a while but I tried to answer almost all of them. I learned a lot going through the answers."

Here's a sample of the 100 (actually 101) questions that are addressed in the 100 Final Cut Pro X Questions Answered.

2) Can you save your own effect & title setups?

You can copy / paste effects but you cannot save a custom filter after it has been tweaked to apply again via drag and drop as you could in FCP7. Title setups can be saved as Motion templates that will then be available in FCPX but there is no way to save a title created in FCPX to an FCPX event right in FCPX. Titles in FCPX can be opened in Motion and further tweaked and saved. One work-around I’ve done is to create a single project that I’ll often save titles into for later use.

21) are composite modes still available?

Yes, by selecting the Blend Mode of a clip in the Inspector. You can no longer select Blend Mode by right + clicking on a clip. They also seem to no longer be available by keyboard shortcuts.

50) While you can’t move order of windows, can you adjust scaling of windows within the layout?

Yes, different window sizes can be adjusted by dragging between windows and other windows will adjust accordingly.

57) Where is The Razor?

The Razor has become the Blade tool and defaults to the B key. You can also map the Edit > Blade command to the keyboard to add an edit to a selected clip at the playhead or the skimmer.

83) What’s your favorite new feature, and new disappointment?

Favorite new features are the many different background processes from rendering to transcoding to media management. Auditions is another strong new feature. Disappointment is the Magnetic Timeline and single Viewer that changes between source clips and the timeline.

For the full list of the hundred Q&A's please visit Scott's article. 

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