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FCP.co had a bit of an outing to the SuperMeet in London last night. On stage Todd Prives showed the crowd 'Edge',  a new $299 plugin with built in presets to give your footage an instant grade.

So what is 'Edge?' It's a brand new plugin that works in Final Cut Pro 7 and X that allows you to click through various presets to give your footage different looks. The GUI is live so all the images update in real time so you don't have to click through each effect one by one to find the look you're after.


GenArts bill the plugin: 

"Sapphire Edge allows Final Cut Pro users to quickly add video effects to their projects without compromising quality.  Powered by the same, proven effects engine as Sapphire, Sapphire Edge ensures maximum speed, stability and image quality."

Extensive, easy to search portfolio of pre-built looks

  • Preset browser to view pre-built looks on your own footage
  • Comes with over 350+ high-quality pre-set looks

Streamlined set of parameters

  • Provides key controls with easy to adjust sliders
  • Reduces design complexity and production time

Access to FX CentralBETA

  • Sapphire Edge includes a one-year subscription to FX Central
  • Allows you to download new monthly presets keeping your looks fresh

You can't buy it yet, but you can put your name down to try out the two week free trial.

GenArts, Inc. is the premier provider of specialized visual effects software for the film, broadcast and video industries. The company was founded in 1996 in Cambridge, Mass. by industry-renowned digital artist and computer scientist, Karl Sims. Today, GenArts develops and markets tools that have become the standard for high-end visual effects creation at leading studio, broadcast and post-production facilities of all sizes around the world. The GenArts visual effects software portfolio includes Sapphire, Monsters, Raptors, Tinder, particleIllusion and particleIllusion for After Effects.

Today the company has over 27,000 customers– ranging from major studios such as Disney and Lucasfilm, to premiere post-production houses such as Framestore and The Mill, to television networks such as ABC, BBC and ESPN, to freelance artists and editors around the world. GenArts’ solutions have been used extensively to create an array of amazing effects for countless television shows, commercials, music videos and feature films and have the key distinction of having been a key component of an Academy Award nominated film for the past 13 consecutive years.

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