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Walter Biscardi's new facility opened this year and the question he gets asked the most is "What's in your edit suite?" In this BCM article Walter goes into great detail about his suites and even lists the suppliers.

If you've followed Walter on his blog you will have an insight into the large task of constructing a purpose built FCP facility. He's put together an excellent article on the planning, choice of equipment, furniture and installation of a hard working edit suite.


"You’re looking at a photograph of Edit Suite 1 at our new facility, and it’s the one I use daily. The one question I get more than anything else is “What’s in your edit suite?”  followed by “Why do you have that?”    So I figured, let’s break it all down here step by step.   Now the first thing everyone wants to talk about is the computer and hardware inside the computer.   But when designing an edit suite, that’s just one component and definitely has zero to do with comfort.   The computer is just a box and that box will make you more or less efficient depending on how you configure it.  But the suite needs to be designed for comfort in addition to efficiency.   I’ve designed 5 different facilities now and the basic design is usually the same.   My goal when putting together a room is to ensure comfort for both the client and the editor.   After all, I’m an editor too, so more than anything else, I want to make sure the editor has a very comfortable and efficient space to sit at when those 10 hour days stretch into 14, 20 hours or more."

One thing we noticed was the fact that Walter doesn't use a colour coded keyboard. Maybe he learnt all the shortcuts off by heart a while ago!

Make sure you read Walter's excellent detailed article. With the equipment suppliers listed at the end it could even save you money.

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