✎ Latest Free FCPX Effects

The Technicolor CineStyle image style has caused quite a lot of excitement for Canon DSLR owners worldwide. Today Pomfort has offered Final Cut Pro users the chance to download the beta of their new DSLRLog2Video plugin to convert the footage to Rec.709.

We have covered the advantages of shooting with a flat picture style before but basically it facilitates the recording of more information from the sensor which allows for better colour correction in post. To bring the pictures back to 'normal' you need to convert the flat gamma to a curve that follows Rec.709 and that is exactly what the new plugin does.

Pomfort are offering FCP users the opportunity to take part in the beta testing of this FXPlug plugin by downloading a beta copy. The beta will expire on July 9th though and render a watermark after that date. We don't know if the finished plugin will be a product you have to buy or if it will be free, but it certainly looks worth giving a go if you are shooting with a flat picture style.