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On taking a closer look at the screengrabs from yesterday, we found out some interesting new functionality. Can we build our own effects, generators and transitions with the Motion5(X) FCPX partnership?

It all happened so quickly yesterday that we didn't really have time to sit down and look carefully at the leaked FCPX and new Motion screengrabs. There was a lot of instant speculation about the 'Rig' feature, but we want to take a closer look at something much more interesting.

So in the cold light of morning and after a large latte we took a long hard look at one image in particular. This is probably the new box that opens when the new Motion opens. Take a look at the options on the left hand side and the new icons.


Does this mean we will be able to build generators, effects, transitions and titles in Motion and use them in FCPX as a 'plugin?' This would open up huge creative opportunities as these could be applied to clips without having to roundtrip as you would with Motion4. Can you tell we are excited? Does this mean that FCPX would become more of a cutting station and instead of stacking clips up on the timeline, any visual effect other than a simple one would be handed off to Motion?

Now here comes a huge piece of speculation. Would the same happen to Color if it still exists? The moment Color was originally released we said a 'Color Plugin' like Magic Bullet would be so much easier than having to roundtrip, your clips would keep all their attributes, filters e.t.c. More important for us here on the FCP.co campus is the fact that the project could be graded without needing picture lock.

This probably means the end of FXScript, we can't see Apple supporting it as they look to have built a new method of building FX. 

It could be an elaborate hoax by some Photoshop genius but we really hope not. Is Motion built in to FCPX? Will we have the option to buy/download Motion5/X as an extra?

Interesting times ahead.

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