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So the big question for today is will we see FCPX in the Steve Jobs keynote presentation at the Worldwide Developers Conference?

Our money would be on FCPX being shown running on any new hardware that might be announced. What better way to keep the forums and Twitter alive with new rumours and add more excitement as we get nearer the launch date. 

The Worldwide Developers Conference is probably the biggest meeting of Mac geeks out there. We know, we've been, twice. The keynote is the highlight and if you want a good seat you have to get outside Moscone West for about 6AM.

The keynote is the only presentation that is public, all the others (there are many presentations over the week in smaller rooms) are covered by an NDA. So why would this bother us? If you were a developer for FCP then you would want some answers about FCPX pretty soon. As we discussed before, will FxScript be supported? What about XML compatibility? Normally there are sessions for FCP developers and plugin writers, will these happen and will the Apple staff be allowed to talk FCPX? We did try to take a peek at the sessions but alas you have to have a WWDC ticket to view the schedule or download the iPhone app.

Will Lion be available to download later today? Here on the FCP.co campus we have backed everything up so we can be running the moment it's released. Rumours are you don't need to be running Lion for FCPX. Twitter comments over the weekend pointed to the date for the FCPX release (via @philiphodgetts) to be June 21, apparently it went to GM (Golden Master via @flo_muc) a few days ago. Does this mean that FCPX will be a download only as we can't see there being enough time between now and June 21 to get the software translated, copied, boxed and shipped. Interesting.

At the moment we cannot find a link to the keynote for live video streaming, no doubt Apple will post the video on Tuesday, but we would like our industry news slightly quicker than that! We will be watching a variety of 'live updates' on websites, take a look at:

Engadget (Says there is a live video feed but this is probably not inside the hall)

Ars Technica


Gizmodo (Looks like a roundup from other sites as they have been banned due to the iPhone4/bar incident)

The fun starts at 10:00 am in San Francisco (Pacific time) 18:00 UK time

We will post the keynote video as soon as we can - it's going to be a good one.

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