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If you've been reading our site for a while, you will know we think that there will be big changes in training once FCPX has been released. There will be winners, but there will be a lot more losers. Have VASST taken a long hard look at FCPX and decided that it's just not worth producing FCP training products?

We are currently in the shadow of the upcoming release of FCPX. Beta copies are few and far between so what happens if your business included producing FCP training videos? The new Final Cut Pro is going to be as new to you as everybody else on the day of release.

Take a look at Vasst's range of FCP training videos. If you've ever made a tutorial you will understand that you can't make something as in depth as those DVDs overnight. So what happens on the day FCPX gets released? Two things.

1) Those who had the beta will probably post a range of tutorials for free and then a link to buy or download a complete training series on FCPX. They are probably working on it as you read this.

2) Every Tom, Dick, Harry, dog & grandmother will be posting free tutorials onto YouTube in a mass upload frenzy. Forums, Facebook and Twitter will be awash with "I just found out how to do this in FCPX" links.

Put together it's not an ideal starting point for an existing training company who has put a lot of hard work and money into the FCP ecosystem.

So why are we talking about Vasst? We came across this interesting blog from Hydrapinion.

"I got in touch with a good mate, known expert and video ‘evangelist’, Douglas Spotted Eagle. Douglas runs VASST in the US which produces video training DVDs worldwide, and he tells me that they are discontinuing their range of Final Cut titles because of lack of interest. (Auscam is their Australian distributor)"

I think they will be the first of many to think that FCPX training is going to be a tough market to crack.

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