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Fireworks is the latest set of plugins from Digieffects to become unbundled from the Delirium set. Another manufacturer recognising that the days of expensive large packs of plugins is over. Just buy what you need when you need it.

FCPX will retail from the Apple Store for just $299, this will only accelerate the prices of add-ons or plugins being lowered in the Final Cut Pro ecosystem. Digieffects are smart and have broken their successful Delirium set down into smaller packs of plugins.

Fireworks is the latest to be released at a very competitive £49.


Fireworks is a particle-system effect aimed at creating motion sequences that are difficult to handle with a general purpose particle system. It is therefore broken down into 3 stages: Launch System, Explosion System, and Sparkler System.

The Launch System controls how the firework shell rockets will fly up: how quickly, how many, at what speed and at what point they will explode into the main firework.

The Explosion System what happens after the firework explodes. The colors, speed and direction of the exploded parts, how long the explosion lasts and how fast it drops is handled from this control.

The Sparkle System adds small particles to the explosion system particles. This creates a realistic sparkling effect.

You can also download the Project Files used in the demo video too

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