✎ Latest Free FCPX Effects

Take a look at the video above. The new FCPX in action? Wrong, it's an iMovie timeline worked up by Scott Simmonds. Looks slightly familiar doesn't it?

The internet has been awash with FCPX articles ever since the SuperMeet last week. Some of them have been good, some bad. Most have just been speculation as anybody with more knowledge than the Vegas presentation will be under NDA and can't divulge any further information. What we do know is the fact that there is a lot that we don't know yet!

Scott Simmons over on ProVideoCoalition has done some interesting detective work in comparing FCPX to iMovie.

"While I knew instantly the FCP X interface had many similarities to iMovie I had no idea that at least the visual elements of the timelines would so closely resemble each other. Granted it’s a whole lot more work to get the iMovie timeline to look that way but you can certainly see where the inspiration has come from. That is unless FCP X has been in development for years and this stuff has trickled over to iMovie."

This fits in neatly with our prediction of the vertical integration of all of Apple's editing products. Right from iMovie on the iPhone or iPad up to FCPX, the harmonization of the Apple editing paradigm has begun. I can see a lot of professional editors tinkering around with iMovie in the run up to FCPX's June release. :)

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