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Two reasons for posting this video. The first is the fact that PluralEyes is a pretty amazing piece of software for synching clips and audio together. The second, well take a look after the break.

The second is that PluralEyes might be one of the first casualties of FCPX. It was announced at the SuperMeet that the new Final Cut Pro has built in features very similar to Singular Software's brilliant original version. The guys have it running on the other platfoms, Media Composer, Premiere & Vegas, but I bet FCP is the big earner.

This doesn't stop you from using it now, far from it; it will save you a huge amount of time if you have to manually sync up footage shot on a DSLR with that of a standalone audio recorder. 

Some good tips from Bruce Sharpe in their too. Thanks to Dan Chung again for the interview.