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FCPX - It was the news we've been waiting a few years for but it was worth it. Awesome, jaw dropping call it what you want FCPX (10) takes editing to a new level. All the new features after the break.

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As you will probably have known if you were looking at Twitter last night, there wasn't a live feed of the FCP unveiling at the SuperMeet at Bally's hotel. So this is a digest made up from different sources so many thanks to @fcpsupermeet @robimbs @nmr for the pictures

Here are the main bullet points

  • The name is Final Cut Pro X
  • 64 bit
  • Unlimited memory
  • Uses Open CL and Grand Central Dispatch
  • Color fully managed with ColorSync
  • Resolution independent playback system up to 4K
  • Mix & match all content in timeline without transcoding
  • No rendering, it does it in the background using every available CPU cycle
  • Can plug into cameras and edit whilst ingesting
  • Non destructive color balance on ingest
  • Stabilisation on ingest
  • Audio cleanup on ingest
  • People and shot detection
  • Range based keywording - metadata attached to part of a clip
  • Smart collections - like smart folders
  • Clip connections, primary and secondary media locking together
  • Magnetic timeline -moves audio out of the way to avoid collisions.
  • Single keystroke nesting
  • Compound clips - collapse clips into a single clip
  • Inline precision editor - simplifies trimming of clips
  • Auditioning - sampling of different versions of edits
  • 'Skimming' media previews when you move the cursor over
  • iMovie like filmstrip view
  • Timeline Index- an index of all the clips in the timeline
  • Sync clips with Plural Eyes style featue (Not Plural Eyes)
  • Automatic control of number of tracks - add and go when needed
  • Pitch corrected audio skimming
  • Waveforms show levels in realtime
  • Retiming in the timeline
  • One click to match color between clips
  • New advanced color correction 
  • Improved keyframing, bezier paths and curve display in the timeline
  • Color & Soundtrack now in FCPX
  • Ships in June $299 on the App Store

Here are a few photos from the event.


There we a lot of people there and it took time for everybody to be seated. Officially 1700.


Just before the start of the keynote, everybody got Stereo anaglyph glasses. Looks like Steve Jobs could walk out doesn't it?


Out comes Peter Steinauer, Apple architect and here is Final cut Pro X


Then out came Randy Ubillos and did a live demonstation


I suppose the biggest shock is the price and the fact that the rest of Final Cut Studio hasn't been mentioned. There are a lot of unaswered questions too, many of them in our FCPX article from yesterday We will post this up now but many thanks to @fcpsupermeet @robimbs @nmr again.

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